Rescue helmet

It meets the standard requirements of ga633-2006 "firefighters' rescue clothing". 1. Head protection for building collapse, narrow space and climbing rescue site; 2. The overall color of the helmet is red, and the helmet side is equipped with multi-functional modular slide rail. The material is resistant to high temperature and flame retardant. All adjustable fasteners are made of modified PA66 material. The fastener color is yellow and equipped with 360 degree visible reflective strip; 3. Impact absorption performance ≤ 3500n; 4. Penetration resistance: the steel cone does not establish electrical contact with the head mold; 5. The helmet is heat-resistant, fire-resistant, impact resistant, scratch resistant, waterproof and fog proof. The helmet shell surface is bright and bright, and there are no stains, bubbles, defects and other defects that damage the appearance. There are ventilation holes on both sides of the top rib; 6.Chemical resistance of any liquid;  7. Tensile strength of Chin band (mm): no fracture, slippage, extension length ≤ 14mm; 8. The helmet emblem is pasted, and it is not allowed to install it by punching to prevent damage to the overall performance; 9. It is equipped with goggles of the same brand, and the lens of fully enclosed anti fog goggles is super hard coating; 10. After the fire source leaves the cap shell, the flame will be extinguished within 5 s; 11. Electrical insulation performance: leakage current of cap shell ≤ 1mA; 12. Lateral rigidity: the maximum deformation value of cap shell is less than or equal to 10 mm, and the deformation value after unloading is less than or equal to 10 mm; Purpose: head protection during emergency rescue.

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