Pump-type long tube breathing apparatus

Pump-type long tube respirator is composed of air compressor, air purification device, medium pressure rubber long tube, air supply valve and comprehensive hood. The 0.7MPa medium pressure air supplied by the air compressor is filtered by the air purification device, and then sent to the air supply valve and the overall cover by the medium pressure rubber long pipe to provide the wearer with the positive pressure protection of on-demand air supply. When using, keep the air compressor away from the environment polluted by poisonous and harmful gases. There are 5-60m long rubber pipes to choose from.
Model ASA-P01
Supply air flow rate >100L/Min
Rated power  600W、1250W 
Rated voltage 220V、380V
Use the number 1-4
Tube length 10-100m
Respiratory resistance ≤98Pa(30L/min)
Work pressure 0.5Mpa
  Mask vision The total field of vision:≥75%
Binocular vision: ≥60%
Below the horizon: ≥40℃