Multi-functional hatchet

  It meets the standard of GA 630-2006. 1. It is used for manual breaking of non electrified obstacles during fire fighting and rescue; 2. It is capable of cutting, chiseling and prying. The edge and prying edge of the waist axe are heat treated, and the hardness reaches 48hrc-56hrc. The flat edge can cut the Q235A round steel with the diameter of 6.5mm. The sharp edge and handle edge can chisel Q235A steel plate without damage such as missing edge, curling edge and crack. It has impact resistance and corrosion resistance; 3. It needs to be forged with high-quality structure. The edge is sharp, firm and durable, and the appearance is beautiful. After being impacted by heavy hammer, each edge has no crack, deformation and other damage. 4. It is equipped with a waist axe cover, which is made of cow leather and can be attached to the belt, which is firm, easy to take and not easy to fall off. 5.Full length is 284mm,The length of the axe is 161mm,The thickness of 10 mm,Pry mouth width 30mm. 6. Mass ≤ 0.9kg. 7. The metal surface of the waist axe shall be smooth and smooth without defects such as cracks, burrs, dents, defects or harmful impurities, and the painting part shall be free from defects such as flow marks and bubbles. 8. After 48h neutral salt spray test specified in GB / T 10125-1997, the appearance of the metal part of the waist axe shall meet the requirements of GB 6461-2002 appearance grade assessment of minor grade.

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