Firemen’s rescue boots

It meets the requirements of GA633-2006 protective clothing for firefighters in emergency rescue. 1. Style and material: high waist, main material is leather. 2. It can meet the protection requirements of small legs and feet, with good air permeability, stab proof, anti slip, anti smashing, heat resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance and other properties, comfortable to wear and not wear feet. It is used for the protection of small legs and feet in emergency rescue; 3. Antiskid performance: initial slip angle ≥ 20 °; 4. Electrical insulation performance: no breakdown under 6000V, and leakage current ≤ 2mA; 5. Stab resistance of uppers ≥ 300N; 6. Folding resistance of the sole: after 100000 times of bending test, the crack length of the sole is ≤ 9mm; 7. Install reflective sign tape at heel; 8. The overall mass is less than 1.8kg.

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