Firefighting glove

Meet the requirements of GA 7-2004 "fire gloves"; 1. For hand and wrist protection; 2. The structure of outer layer, waterproof layer, heat insulation layer and lining is adopted; 3. The fabric is made of continuous flame retardant fiber material, which has the properties of flame retardant, waterproof, breathable, antistatic and comfortable; 4. TPP: 29.2cal/cm2. 5. It has the characteristics of low preheating shrinkage, good dexterity and grip, comfortable, dexterous, convenient and excellent waterproof performance; 6. The afterburning time and smoldering time of outer fabric are 0, and the damage length is less than or equal to 55mm; 7. Heat shrinkage: Gloves 2.0%, lining 1.0%; 8. Barrier performance: hydrostatic pressure resistance ≥ 7; 9. Grip performance: pull to gravity ratio ≥ 90%; 10. Wearability: wearing time ≤ 2S.

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