Firefighting entry clothing

It meets the standard of thermal insulation protective clothing for firefighters (GA634-2015); 1. Fire protection clothing is a kind of protective clothing that firefighters wear when they cross the fire area for a short time. It adopts hot pressing technology and has the properties of flame retardant, high temperature resistance, thermal radiation protection and water resistance; 2. It is composed of five parts: head mask, protective coat with respirator bag, protective trousers, protective gloves and boots; 3. Flame retardancy: meridional afterburning time 0s, damage length ≤ 35mm; latitudinal afterburning time 0s, damage length ≤ 41mm, no melting dripping phenomenon; 4. Breaking strength Outer layer performance: warp and weft ≥ 1000N; 5. Tearing strength Outer layer performance: longitude ≥ 130n, latitude ≥ 100N; 6. Thermal stability After thermal stability at 260 ℃ for 5 min, the sample has no discoloration, delamination, carbonization, melting and dripping, and the dimensional change rate is 1% in the warp direction and 1% in the latitudinal direction; 7. Hydrostatic pressure resistance > 20KPa; 8. Radiation heat penetration resistance: the time of 24 ℃ temperature rise of outer fabric inner surface is 76.2s; 9. Overall performance: (1) The TPP value of flame and radiant heat protection performance should not be less than 50 cal / cm ^; (2) The joint breaking strength is ≥ 1500N; 10. Mass ≤ 12kg; 11. Appearance: all parts are neat and tidy without scalding yellow and bright water stains; the collar is flat and does not turn over; the symmetrical parts are basically the same; the adhesive lining will not have degumming and surface infiltration; the window of heat insulation hood has no obvious scratch and scratch marks.