Firefighting boots

It meets the standard of ga6-2004 "firefighter's fire protection boots", and meets the standard requirements of cccf-cprz-27:2019 "detailed rules for the implementation of certification of fire protection products, fire protection equipment products and firefighter's personal protective equipment products". 1. Fireman's fire-fighting protective boots are used to protect the safety of firefighters' feet and lower limbs. They are waterproof, puncture resistant, smashing resistant, chemical resistant and electrical insulation resistant. They are equipped with flame-retardant reflective marking tape; 2. Rubber boots are made of high performance composite flame retardant rubber materials. There should be no wrinkling, sand holes, impurities, bubbles, lumps and hard particles, tooth peeling, hollowing, open glue, bright oil abrasion and other phenomena on the boot surface; the boot surface and lining cloth, inner sole cloth and anti smashing inner wrap head pad should be flat without shelling; they should be comfortable to wear without wearing feet; 3. Puncture resistance: ≥ 2500n; 4. Electrical insulation performance: breakdown voltage > 5000v, and leakage current < 1mA. 5. Heat insulation performance: after heating for 30min, the temperature rise of the inner surface of the boot sole is ≤ 10 ℃. 6. Waterproof performance: no water seepage; 7. Skid resistance: > 15 °; 8. Anti radiation heat penetration performance: ≤ 10 ℃; 9. Overall mass ≤ 2.5kg.

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