Fire fighting hook

Function Description: 1.Hook: breaking the ceiling, hook pulling wire, etc; 2.Hammer: smash the window glass of the fire building below 4 meters for smoke exhaust and ventilation. The flat end can be used as a non spark tool temporarily; 3.Claw rake: clean up the collapsed objects, obstacles, toxic and harmful substances on the site, and clean up the garbage after the disaster; 4.Jacking device (fork): used to temporarily support the door frame, window and other components in dangerous places prone to collapse, so as to ensure the safe access of fire fighters for fire fighting and rescue 5.Fire saw: cut off some falling objects, collapsible objects and components at a certain height; 6.Fire scissors: cut the wires, branches, connecting wires and various tapes at the disaster site; 7.Fire Axe: it can split and pry, open doors, windows, and some wooden obstacles. It can also pry open floors, boxes, cabinets, doors, windows, ceiling, parapet, cement wallboard, fence and iron lock. For the case of small gap, you can first split a seam, and then pry. It can also smash the window glass of the burning building below 4 meters.           8.Pathfinder: it can be used as a way finding tool for fire fighting and rescue in places such as fire, smoke, depression and water pit; 9.Stretcher pole: use two 2m long flex rods, and wear a cloth bag (you can borrow clothes and pants) or a net bag in the middle to serve as a temporary stretcher;

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