Discount Price Aramid Iiia Fire Retardant Workwear Clothing - Level II chemical protective clothing – Zhianjian

It meets the requirements of GA770-2008 chemical protective clothing for firefighters; 1. Composition: it is composed of chemical protective headgear, chemical protective clothing, protective boots and chemical protective gloves; 2. The surface of the fabric is smooth without holes, bubbles, delamination, exposed cloth and dead pleats; 3. Flame retardant performance: flame burning time ≤ 2S, flameless combustion time ≤ 10s, damage length ≤ 4cm; 4. Anti smashing performance ≥ 16mm; 5. Chemical protective boots: (1) Anti cutting performance: after the anti cutting test, there is no cutting through phenomenon on the surface of chemical protection boots; (2) anti slip performance: the starting slip angle shall not be less than 20 °; (3) electrical insulation performance: the breakdown voltage of chemical protective boots shall not be less than 5000v, and the leakage current shall be less than 1mA; (4) the puncture resistance of the sole shall be no less than 1200n; 6. Tearing strength: 128n in warp and 105N in weft; 7. Tensile strength: 30KN / m in longitude and 19kn / m in weft; 8. Aging resistance: after 125 ° c * 24h, it is not sticky and brittle; 9. Fabric performance: no adhesion and brittle fracture; the inner layer is made of composite flame retardant material, which not only absorbs sweat, but also prevents adhesion; 10. Chemical protective gloves: after 125 ° c * 24h, they are not sticky and brittle; their puncture resistance is not less than 45N; the chemical penetration resistance time of fabrics and joints is not less than 8h; 11. It is used for the whole body protection when dealing with high concentration and strong permeability gas at the scene of chemical disaster.