Carbon fiber composite cylinder

Gas cylinder: carbon fiber fully wound composite aluminum liner, nominal working pressure ≥ 30MPa, marked with "compressed air, unique number of gas cylinder, hydrostatic test pressure, nominal working pressure, nominal volume, weight, production date, inspection cycle, service life, product executive standard number", safety diaphragm set for cylinder valve, burst pressure 37-45mpa. The dimensions of the output end meet the requirements of ga-2013, the thread length is 18.9mm, other dimensions are 11.21mm, 21.92mm and 8.07mm, and the overall dimensions meet the requirements of gb28053-2011 "composite bottles for respirators" The inner liner is made of aluminum alloy material with high strength and corrosion resistance. The middle layer is wrapped with carbon fiber and the surface layer is wrapped with glass fiber. Specification: 3L, 4.7L, 6.8L, 8L, 9L,12L.